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Professional Wedding Photography

Professional Wedding Photography

As cell phone cameras become more and more advanced, even surpassing high-end SLR cameras for low light sensitivity in many cases, it’s still important to use a professional wedding photographer for your wedding photos. Twenty years from now, after all our current phones have long since been retired, where will you find those precious memories from your big day?

Hiring a professional means you’ll always have access to those photos, as most professionals create top quality albums that last for decades. Have you ever looked through your parents or grandparents wedding albums? There’s just something about having those images printed on paper, and stored in a large album that’s always within easy reach, that’s much more meaningful than looking at them on a three-inch Facebook or Instagram post.

Also, as the images in this post will show, hiring a professional wedding photographer means you’ll get professional wedding poses and lighting. Off-camera lighting is a huge part of the wedding photo business and, when done correctly, can create images not achievable by cell phone cameras. Shooting a large group shot in the middle of the day with the sun blasting overhead is easy with a few external lights. Shooting a bride and groom at sunset, making sure the brilliant colors in the background stay properly exposed while also making sure the newlyweds are well-lit, can only be done with off-camera lighting.

If you’re looking for a Eugene wedding photographer or a Portland wedding photographer who has more than ten years of experience photographing weddings here in the Pacific Northwest, give me a call!


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